Silly String

by Travis Orbin

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Oren Black
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Oren Black Travis described best how this album is different from his other album Projects, how it's whimsical at times and yet a sound associated with extreme metal combine to a form an unbelievable compilation of pieces, all made by a human being.
Very progressive, very rhythmically complex, hardly-communicative music, amazing album. Favorite track: Lollygag (Clown Nose).
Jonathan Jarvis
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Jonathan Jarvis The whole track is enticing, inspiring, fun to listen to. The beginning few seconds is an absolute ripper to play as well. Favorite track: Lollygag (Clown Nose).
Benjamin Rouse
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Benjamin Rouse Mind bending licks, crazy time signatures, random tempo changes and creative orchestration make Silly String one for the experimental music fan looking to confuse themselves... Favorite track: Hold On.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? Travis Orbin is a musical mastermind. If his departure from Periphery didn’t convince you, his debut album “Projects” ought to have. Moving on to a more melody-driven sound, Silly String is to electro-tech (I’m inventing this genre because it needs to exist) what Projects was to math-metal: its utmost extension. Imagine a tech-death band with silly instrumentation Favorite track: Lollygag (Clown Nose).
Maxime Lathière (Cartoon Theory)
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Maxime Lathière (Cartoon Theory) “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Nietzsche
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I began composing ‘Silly String’ back in 2009 while in Sky Eats Airplane. We had parted ways with our vocalist and were holding auditions whilst writing 'The Sound of Symmetry'; it was at this time that I wrote "Watchpork", "From Riches to Rags", and "Lollygag (Clown Nose)". Then, while on tour in 2010, I instigated the seeds for both "Big Dogs" and "Hold On". I didn't compose again until the Fall of 2012 after I had decided to record 'Projects', and ended up completing the closing tune of said EP; it was at this time that I finished "Big Dogs", "Hold On" and composed "Desensitization".

I decided to record the drums for "Watchpork" in the Fall of 2012 to release as a single. I hired Pete Peterson to record the bass guitar parts and to do VST production. It was released on 04MAY2013. Due to session recording, touring, life obligations, etc., I didn't get to tracking the drums for the other five tunes until September/October of 2013 (I also tracked the 'Projects' drums concurrently).

I knew I wanted Pete Peterson on board to continue mixing and for the VST portions of the EP. Initially, I had some great players lined up to bring the live instrumentation to life, but for various reasons they didn't pan out. I didn't focus again on scouting for talent until after 'Projects' was released in September of 2014. Once this motley crew was in place, everyone turned their tracks over and Pete P worked up some mixes. Eventually, when they were dialed in, my good buddy/associate Justin Bonfini mastered it.


released July 7, 2015

Travis Orbin - Drum set
Greg Loman - Guitar & Bass on 1
Evan Opitz - Guitar on 2
Alex Quaglieri - Guitar on 3 & 4
Adam Edgemont - Guitar on 5
Conner Green - Bass on 2-5
Pete Peterson - Bass on 6
Music composed by Travis Orbin
Additional bass guitar arrangements on 2 by Conner Green
VST Production by Pete Peterson
Produced by Travis Orbin
Drums engineered by Travis Orbin of Woodshed Studios
Guitar, Bass & Drum editing by Travis Orbin
Drum mixing by Travis Orbin
Guitar & Bass on 1 engineered & re-amped by Gabriel Riccio at his home studio
Guitar on 2 engineered by Nick Nativo of The Nook
Guitar re-amping on 2 by Gabriel Riccio
Guitar on 3 & 4 engineered by Alex Quaglieri at his home studio
Guitar on 5 engineered by Adam Edgemont at his home studio
Bass on 2-5 engineered by Conner Green at his home studio
Bass on 6 engineered by Pete Peterson at his home studio
Mixed by Pete Peterson
Cover art by Travis Orbin
Mastered by Justin Bonfini



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Travis Orbin Selbyville, Delaware

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